Studio 45 was established in 2014 by Steve Manser-Knight (AKA Uncle Steve) with a mission to promote and showcase emerging artists & creatives and give a little something to the community he grew up in.

We pride ourselves on focussing mainly on local artists, but our family has grown as we have established ourselves and we now show work from the art world at large.




Urban Contemporary, Graffiti, Illustration, Outsider Art, Abstract Expressionism, Graphic, All the Good Shit



Past, Present , & Future...


The Friendly Gang 1, 2, & 3

Regular Group Show featuring the magnificent FNTC folks...They're Fantastic!!

 Peace, Love, Unity, & Fun

Group Show focusing on all things graff & hip hop.

Featuring - Kid Acne, Florence Blanchard, Chum 101, Pinky, Lonny Pop, Mr Joe, Zen Rock, SLP

Broken Kinetic

Amazing exhibition of exquisitely hand cut pop up books by Etienne Le Comte along with original work and prints of his world class fine line, tight penmanship illustrations.

From Here To Where

A solo show of superb one line art by the mega talented Emma Lexington.


Stay Brut

A showing of outsider art and graff style workouts by the legendary Ludvig & his 1% brother DFM.




Hatter - Video Premier, Will Winter 'Sublimate' Clothing Capsule Pop Up, Mike Ross Band - Album Preview Gig, Boy Who Kicked Pig – Single Release Gig, Pop Ups in Aid of Mind Charity, Various Workshops including Spray Painting, Lino Cut, & Screen Printing, Curating art, murals, and activities at various festivals, Mural & Artwork Commissions




We offer an unofficial mentoring programme which is basically a safe space to come and chat about art, life, & just about anything that may be on your mind...both good and bad. It's good to talk & we're always here to listen.


45 Specials


Studio 45 regularly collaborates with artists and designers on limited edition artworks and merchandise. Keep a lookout on our news page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on these exciting pieces.


Graffiti Supplies


We stock an interesting variety of spray paint, caps, inks, & markers to keep the streets alive...we support all forms of graffiti, street art, and everything in between, but we guess we should point out that we don't condone vandalism...What's vandalism?..We think that's up to the individual to decide...